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How to know if your WordPress site has been hacked?

Everything about WordPress is great but the biggest bummer is it’s not great when it comes to security. Since it’s so popular, hackers are well familiar with its vulnerabilities. Are you here because you think your WordPress site has been hacked? Before moving on to the measures to recover your site, let’s have a look at the signs that confirm the attack:

Sudden decrease in traffic

This is probably the first thing you will notice. It happens when a hacker redirects the existing traffic away from the main site. To take a good look, check your Google Analytics reports. Sometimes, a sudden drop in the traffic is because of the safe browsing tool by Google that shows warnings to your users regarding your site. This could be the cause of a sudden decline in web traffic too.

No access to the admin account

If your admin account is not accessible, that means you have been hacked.  You can lose all access if someone changes your passwords or even deletes your account. In some cases, you are able to log in but your administrative controls are missing. That means the hacker has removed your ability to control your site.

Your site redirects to another URL

If your website redirects to another site, that is another indication you have been hacked. In that case, Google your band name and you will see that your URL has been compromised. You will also notice a drop in web traffic. It is recommended to check your site when you have logged in and out of your account. Sometimes, the redirects only impact the users who have logged out. This is a trick used by hackers so that the website administrator does not know his site has been hacked.

In case the redirect URL takes you … Read the rest

How to get more fans on Facebook?

We all know Facebook is the king of social media with more than 2 billion active monthly users. It is a great platform to promote your products and services. To take advantage of Facebook for business purposes, you will need a good amount of fan following on your business page.  The thing is getting more fans is easier said than done.  You have to follow the right strategy and it will not bring results overnight.

Both time and money are required to bring fans on your Facebook page. Take a look at some ways you can successfully get more fans:

Identify your fan base

Lots of businesses skip this step and to be honest, it is the most critical one. Not everyone on Facebook is your target audience. If you randomly bring traffic that isn’t interested in your product or service, they will never convert. So to begin with, you first have to find identify your fan base. You can identify them on the basis of likes, interests, location and demographics.

Share interesting content

What most people do is simply share links and add a thumbnail whenever it comes to sharing something on their Facebook page. Experts say that there should be some description about the URL too. You can give them valuable information in the form of a list. They will definitely like the post even if they don’t click the URL to read the whole thing. This may or may not increase website visits but it will increase engagement on your post.

Cross-promote on other social networks

Yes, it is totally legit to use other social media business pages to promote your Facebook page. You can tweet about your Facebook page to encourage your followers on Twitter to connect with you on Facebook too. It is not just … Read the rest