Why you need a VPS hosting to speed up SEO for your business website in India

Why you need a VPS hosting to speed up SEO for your business website in India

An important attribute that is not much discussed when discussing SEO on a website is the job of the hosting provider in achieving the website’s SEO goals. A solid hosting provider usually helps your SEO, while inappropriate providers can make your website’s SEO worse in terms of ranking.

Search engine optimization works differently today. When ranking websites, Google considers many aspects such as page speed, content simplicity, load time, and more. And most of these variables depend on the decision of the company or website owner. This type is chosen by hosting and service providers. As a result, a good VPS hosting plan appears to achieve this goal. Before we quickly understand how a hosting provider affects SEO, we will examine the key factors that determine the success of a website from an SEO perspective and why VPS in India is a popular choice for a successful business website

  1. Website Speed

Fast websites have the added benefit of SEO. Against this background, it can be seen that page speed is widely recognized as an SEO factor for website performance. Because of this, there’s no denying that hosting speed can affect your ranking. Site speed depends on many attributes, but in our opinion, speed is first. Unless you have the latest facilities and programs from your provider, your site will not be positive for your ranking or the number of returning users.

  1. Hosting-supported security

Insecure server sites continue to be vulnerable to spam attacks such as DDoS. This is not good news for users or website owners. In fact, the internet is where countless viruses circulate, and it makes sense for someone to take action to protect their site from malicious attacks. When this virus attacks your system, hacking your site is inevitable. In this situation, the available hosting for VPS in India can help you protect your hosting and website and protect your business from malware. With this approach, you can be sure that you will get a check on the number of attacks that have been destroyed by the hosting.

With VPS hosting packages available, such problems are rare or difficult to find because their website can be protected by a virtualized system that provides increased protection against viruses. In addition, VPS distributors can use firewalls to combat malicious attacks, protect their websites, and run SEO in the long run.

  1. Stable operating time

No one, including Google, likes to be on a website and receive the “website not available” message. This is considered bad user experience. One reason is the unstable runtime. This in itself is a signal to Google that this site is not in accordance with best practices for maintaining its duration. And the key to stable uptime is good hosting.

Bu hosting your website with VPS in India, you can ensure that your work time remains constant with minimal downtime. You can also view this page using SSD VPS, which is very different from Cloud VPS as a permanent hosting option for availability.

  1. Hosting support

Support is an important part of hosting and is an integral part of SEO-related activities. Your moderator might need to help your marketing manager with some activities that are considered important by the site and server. For example, your moderator might need to let you know if you want to build your site and integrate SSL into it and make it compatible. Your marketing manager must have adequate knowledge and obey the rules that Google has set for website sanitation agents.

Last year, Google implemented an HTTP update for HTTPS which states that not all HTTP sites are secure. For this reason, hosting must have the support needed to make this change, because it is important to request it from the server end. If you plan to use a website, consider using VPS-based search compatibility in the future because that will protect and secure a server that can activate HTTPS.


We hope this article will help you understand why VPS hosting packages are important in terms of SEO. If in doubt, you can ask us in the comments section. We will try to answer your doubts or questions in detail. Until then, have fun reading friends!

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