How Does The VPS Hosting Setup Guarantee Account Isolation?

How Does The VPS Hosting Setup Guarantee Account Isolation

In web hosting, Dedicated Servers are the costliest since they offer dedicated resources and an isolated hosting environment. These features ensure that the website hosting on a Dedicated Server performs optimally offering complete control over the hosting service. However, not all sites have a huge budget for web hosting. Therefore, many of them opt for shared hosting plans, especially during their initial stages. However, since the launch of VPS Hosting, site owners have an option of availing of Dedicated Server-like benefits at much lower costs.

In VPS Hosting, the web host divides the hosting server into multiple virtual servers and hosts your website on one such server. Each VPS is equipped with dedicated resources, account isolation, and complete root access. Today, we will look at how a VPS Hosting setup guarantees account isolation.

Account Isolation in VPS Hosting

To create virtual servers, the hosting provider uses a virtualization software called the Hypervisor. It divides the web server into several smaller virtual servers. In other words, it partitions the underlying hardware to create virtual servers. Further, the hypervisor ensures that each virtual server has resources like RAM, storage, CPU, etc. dedicated to it, an independent operating system, software, tools, etc.

Come to think of it, all virtual servers share the same physical server. However, the hypervisor ensures that they work in isolation from one another. This allows site owners to configure their VPS as required and scale up resources to efficiently manage traffic spikes. Further, it enhances the security of the VPS since the performance of other virtual servers does not affect it. Even if one VPS on a physical server gets infected with a virus or malware, other virtual servers remain unaffected.

Individual IP Allocation

Virtual servers are also isolated using the IP address. In VPS Hosting, since every virtual server is isolated, web hosts allot separate IP addresses to them. This adds to isolating the VPS further as one IP does not affect all websites stored on the server. Imagine a shared hosting service where one user starts sending spam mails. This action can result in the IP address getting blocked and all other users sharing the IP become unable to send any email. However, with VPS Hosting, since each VPS has an individual IP address, it helps in isolating the virtual server from other servers.

Summing Up…

Account isolation is an important feature of a VPS Hosting service. It allows the site owner to enjoy the benefits of a Dedicated Server without having to spend a lot of money. Hosting your website on a server that is isolated also helps you ensure the security of data and create a customized hosting environment to offer a memorable site experience to your site visitors. We hope that this article helped you understand how VPS Hosting guarantees account isolation and what benefits you can derive from it. If you have any further questions, please feel free to mention them in the comments below.

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