Enumerating the Features of cPanel for VPS Hosting

Enumerating the Features of cPanel for VPS Hosting

Web hosting encompasses an array of features designed specifically to streamline the entire hosting process. When it comes to VPS Server Hosting, we are well aware of the beneficial facets it brings along with itself. Apart from the fact that VPS gives users a dedicated place in the server to host the web page, it’s cPanel has been destined to automate features and at the same time optimize the hosting solutions.

Giving users the freedom to host their websites independently on servers along with elements that tend to decorate the physical appearance calls for an organized and well-granulated approach. To adhere to the aforementioned needs, VPS Hosting is bestowed with a customized cPanel that ensures total management of the site with greater ease.

This article talks about the different features embedded within the VPS Server Hosting cPanel, fostering smoother execution of management task.

cPanel VPS Hosting Features

Whether you are a website owner or a reseller, you will always feel the need to accommodate, monitor and manage your website traffic. While manually setting up accounts or getting backups definitely works for small-sized websites, for organizations that experience traffic deluge, automating management tasks turn more of a necessity.

With VPS Server Hosting cPanel, website owners can access a bundle of tools to streamline management tasks and simplify the web hosting process. To make it easier for you to understand and uncover the true potential, we highlight some of the most important features of cPanel VPS Hosting.

  • Email Accessibility

VPS Server Hosting cPanel allows website owners to gain control over various channels and communication mediums. Added to this, the owners have the freedom to create multiple accounts for different users and manage them as required. For instance, creation or deletion of emails, forwarding or filtering emails, auto spamming and blocking account for some of the common benefits of cPanel VPS Hosting.

  • Domain Management

VPS Hosting cPanel extends its support from email management to the domain-specific needs. For owners that seek to attain the total control over the root level of the website, cPanel VPS Server Hosting serves the purpose. It gives them the ease to add or remove domains, add subdomains and if needed, redirect domain command with sheer smoothness.

  • Expand Storage

VPS Server Hosting cPanel gives website owners access to an array of resources. Using these, the owner can extend their space by adding storage dynamically. Owners need not wait for admin approval for expansion of the server as the cPanel VPS Hosting entitles them to do the job.

  • Managing Files

When it comes to web-hosted documents, managing and keeping track of files is a bit cumbersome. As a matter of fact, FTP is one of the most important features the website owner looks for when deciding a hosting package. With VPS Hosting cPanel, the owners are given access to the file management features that allow them to store and segment files on the server easily. In addition to the above, cPanel VPS Hosting customizes the task of the file backup, FTP server entry and disk space data, embedding total automation.

  • Editing Script

Another fascinating feature of cPanel VPS Hosting is the access given to take over online chats, manage forums, control blogs, and shopping carts on the go.

  • Access to Backups

cPanel VPS Server has a virtual server that allows the site manager to access the backed-up files and folders of your website seamlessly. In case you have deleted or removed some files in a jiffy, recovering them would not be overhead with cPanel VPS Hosting. Also, you no longer have to rely on the hosting service provider to restore the deleted files. Using the cPanel virtual server, you can all by yourself track the deleted files and prefetch the ones needed.

The Final Word

It is because of the above-mentioned features that cPanel VPS Server Hosting has gained tremendous popularity and enterprise-wide acceptance. Knowing what cPanel has to offer helps better assess the capabilities and utilize it in a way that benefits your website in the best possible way.

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