Virtual Assistance Firm

The Virtual assistant is generally abbreviated as a VA and is known to be generally self-employed and has a set of benefits such as administrative, technical and creative assistance to clients while working from an office at home. A benefit of virtual assistants is that they are independent contractors instead of legal employees so the clients do not have to bear any additional employee taxes, insurance or benefits that firms have to provide to their employees. These indirect expenses are, however, covered in the fees of the assistant. Clients also get to avoid the unnecessary provision of office space and supplies.

A virtual assistance firm is simply a professionally running company that provides outsourcing benefits to clients. A lot of virtual assisting firms are located internationally, but most of them can be found in the USA and Europe. This is because the demand of clients for professional and qualified workers keeps increasing and within the next decade, managers are expecting approximately 40% of their workforce to be working remotely. Since more and more companies and independent clients are accepting the idea of a virtual team, the virtual assistance industry is on the rise and its great news for you as well. A virtual assistance firm can bring you a lot of benefits instead of hiring employees directly or locally.

Recruitment Process

First of all, any Virtual Assistance Company will do most of the recruiting and screening for you, which can save you a great deal of time. Since demand for remote work has risen, the supply has too. But since it is the job of a virtual assistance firm to hire excellent employees, they can be extremely choosy in who they bring in to the team. Most of the VA firms only accept the top 3% of candidates in a bulk.

Backup Process

If your virtual assistant leaves or takes sick leave, you do not have to deal with the replacement process which not only saves you time but also saves you the hassle of hiring another employee. You may still have to train the new employee to bring them up to speed, but as mentioned above the virtual assistant firm only chooses the best of the employees so this issue will also be minimized. You ultimately do not have to go out and search for a perfect replacement all on your own.

One Team In One Place

A lot of virtual assistant firms now give you a hybrid model where you not only have access to a professional assistant but also to the other tools of the company for other special or one-time tasks. You can diversify your workforce while keeping them all in one place.

Accounting Services

Outsourcing workforce through a virtual assistant firm can also save you a lot of hassle at the time of tax payments. You don’t have to spend time worrying about if a freelance contractor you bring in is technically an employee and requires IRS or not.

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