How to Run a Social Media Campaign

With traditional media and social media slowly swapping places, more and more money each year is poured into advertising on these new platforms. Some of the initial advantages when it comes to advertising with a social media campaign vs a traditional media route is the level of audience target. With social media reaching a target audience is more exact, meaning better returns on investment often times. Here are a few things to know before running a social media campaign.

Firstly you have to have a real understanding of who your target audience is. The reason to know your target audience is so you can base your advertising, method of reach, as well as other factors built directly around your product or service. This will help get the best results from the money you invested. Building a target audience can be difficult at first, but can develop and grow over time. During the initial stage first define who you want your customers to be. Age, gender, region, income level, education level, occupation and interests are a few things to start with. Once you have a decent idea of who you want to market to, view your competition and who is buying their service or product. This will help you identify potential customers even further. 

Going even one step further, what are the attitudes and values of your ideal customer? If you are a solar panel installation company, marketing to homeowners, in the middle-upper class, with environmentally friendly values. Personality, interests and lifestyles are all other things to consider when further defining your market. The better you understand how your product or service is useful to this client base, the easier it will be to make sales. 

Once you have your ideal client in mind, you can begin focusing on the campaign itself. The first thing you need to do is define a budget, as well as start planning the actual advertisement. Different advertisements will work better for certain things. Depending on the platform(s) you use to reach your target audience will dictate the type of advertisement you will want you use. Videos, articles, photos, are some of the main options. All of which have different variants for the respective platforms you plan on posting on. Using any Social Media Advertising Services cardiff can help significantly with this. They will have a good understanding of the type of advertisements that will work well. They will also have experience running ads through these services, as well as dealing with influencers who can be used to promote your service or product. Using a social media advertising agency can help cut some of the stress down from running a social media advertising campaign. 

Regardless of how you decide to go about selling your product or service having an online presence is as important as ever. With the growth of online usage, and social media, it is worth the investment to build that presence. Many products or services would benefit greatly from online advertising vs traditional marketing. A well organized and planned social media campaign can set you apart from your competition.

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