What you need to know before hiring a web design agency and making your site popular

Do you ever wonder how people of the ancient days used to purchase products or services? How likely were they to be disappointed on receiving the product or service? Well, let’s not dwell there because for sure some of them ended up disappointed with what was offered to them.  Thanks to the ever-evolving technology, the world has been made a global village.

These days most people walk with their smartphones everywhere they go. The internet has made it easy for them to browse for almost everything- be it research, services, books, movies, products, etc. Businesses on the other side face a lot of competition, to ensure that the company grows, most business owners have ventured into building their online platforms to reach as many potential customers as possible.

First impressions are paramount, how a business displays itself online will determine the traffic they are expected to get when the potential clients visit their websites. Be it a startup or an already existing company, creating a website can be a very overwhelming task. There are very many variables that need to be considered at every step of the process; it is essential to choose the right web design agency to get the job done for you. Are you within Colchester and are looking for a web design firm? Look no further, climbing trees web design agency will exceed your expectations!

A well deigned professional website can become the face of your company. It is very crucial for you to choose an agency that will enable you to attain your set objectives and create more traffic on your site; hence growth. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing the right web design agency;

1.    Budget

It is essential for you to have a set budget in mind before choosing a web design agency. How deep your pocket is will determine the kind of agency you will hire, but keep in mind you get what you pay for. Ensure that you get a firm that is within your budget and one that offers professional and unique designs in line with your set objectives. Your end product should be exactly how you envisioned it from the beginning, remember with growth comes more profit hence you can always redesign and update your website from time to time.

2.    Set your objectives

It is important to have a picture of exactly what you want your website to look like and the message you intend to pass to your clients. If your ideas are jangled up, then that is exactly how they will be portrayed to your customers. You will need to specify the exact type of website that you need, is it a business website, portfolio, e-commerce, blog website, etc.? Having everything down on paper will make it easier for your web design team to come up with the exact if not better website that will propel your business into becoming more profitable.

3.    Competition

Being ahead of the competition is the main objective of many businesses. Knowing who exactly your competition will help you know the firm that will able to execute your strategies to be ahead of your competitors. It is important to benchmark and do your research on the features they have on their websites. With these, you can choose a web design agency that is well vast in SEO and background development which will be able to borrow some ideas and even come up with better features for your website.

4.    Timing

Time is of the essence in any given project. Having your website up and running, will mostly be dependent on how well you set your deadlines. It is important to find web designers who are up to the task and are ready to work with your set timeliness, agree on the deadlines of every step of setting up the website to avoid any unnecessary delays. Time is money! If you put up your website later than expected, it means you have lost the trust of your already existing clients as well as your potential clients.

5.    Reviews and referrals

You need to find out from as many sources as possible concerning a given agency, be it from peers, family, Facebook, Instagram, Google +, etc. Getting direct reviews and referrals will give you an insight into how the given web design company offers its services. It will enable you to answer questions such as how is their customer service? How do they handle tasks given to them? How fast will they develop the website? What services do they offer? And so on. By having the insight about various companies, you will be able to choose one that is in line with your set goals and objectives. Additionally you can visit website to see the services that are offered by various web design agencies.

6.    Customer focus

Finding a company that puts your needs ahead is very crucial. Find experts who are ready to listen keenly and execute what you expect from them. You need to find an agency that will work closely with you during and after the development of the website; click here to see one of the best agencies that will work towards the realization of your commercial objectives.

7.    Professionalism

Having a team that has the practical and technical know-how of web designing is crucial. Having studied web design is not enough, you will need experts who are well conversant with the industry. Those that are experienced in the field and know how to counter the competition by of cos designing a brilliant website for you. At the end of the day, you want your website to stand out, right? Then you need to hire a team that knows what to do, and how to do it perfectly.

8.    Maintenance and support

You will need to update your website from time to time, pick a company that is willing to offer ongoing maintenance and support when you need anything. It is possible to have an in-house web design team that will play their part, but in case of any clarifications or questions, ensure that the web design agency that you choose is available to help you out.

9.    Strategy

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Every step of the project should have its set objectives, ensure that the web design agency you choose has well-streamlined web design processes. A well-set process can save a lot on time and avoid any frustrations that come along with delays. With the processes well set, you can be able to measure the performance of the whole project using the set performance indicators.

10.     Solid content

Web design is more than just the functionality and structure of the website, and the content has to be in line with the design of the site. Users will be attracted to a website that is friendly and easy to navigate, one that provides adequate information about the product or service being offered by the company. The web design firm you choose should be able to generate a design based on the contents you intend on displaying on the page.

Now that we have a picture of what to look for in a web design agency, it would be useless to have a website up and running without having strategies on how to make your website popular. You need to ensure that you create brand awareness as much as possible; which will, in turn, create traffic when people visit your site. How do you do this? Below are some of the tips that will put your company on top of the charts;

1.    Avoid clutter

A cluttered website is very distracting and unappealing. Finding your way through a not so well organized website can kill the morale of your clients. You need to make your website easy to navigate: user-friendly. It is okay to have captivating images but be very careful not to jangle up everything around one page. The space between various design elements such as adds, pop-ups, images, texts wt. should be well calculated.

2.    Have Unique content

Having your website up is an investment by itself, you need to ensure that you maximize on providing adequate information about your product or service to your clients. Emphasize on quality over quantity; people tend to notice tiny mistakes such as typos or bluffs on your site which is a huge turnoff to most. You would rather have little information but drives the point home. Use eye catchy titles that tend to capture the attention of the audience as soon as they log in the page.

3.     Consistently Update content on your page

Content is king in terms of SEO. Clients want to see new stuff on your page; they need to find something interesting while on your page. If your content is excellent and often updated, search engines will prefer your site, and your audience is most likely to grow over time.

4.     Use quality pictures

Human beings are visual beings; they tend to be attracted to what they see. As much as it is possible to get pictures easily from the internet, it is advisable to get your personal photographer. Remember, it is all about being unique and staying ahead of the competition. It is also vital to ensure that the images are in line to the contents of the website. The image should be a visual representation of what the page is talking about.

5.    Mobile optimization

Before launching your website ask yourself, will my customers be able to access the website using their smartphones? Will they be able to easily navigate through the site? Well, most people these days cannot walk without their smartphones on their hands, therefore, ensure when you set up your website the clients will be able to access it easily. It is more likely for a client to return to a site that gave them an easy time to than one that was hard to access. It should be your main priority to ensure that the customers have a seamless mobile experience while on your website.

6.    On page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Are you paying attention to on page SEO? Do you want to get traffic on your page? Then use SEO to do that for you, search engines are an easier way to create traffic on your page for free. Users should be able to find your information easily on the internet, make sure to use internal links, URLs that are clear and keywords that can be searched easily.

7.    Increase your social media presence

Keep your clients informed all through, create social media accounts such as Facebook, twitter, linked in, Instagram, Twitter and so on. You could make use of teasers, to increase the curiosity among your clients. In case of an introduction of a new product or service, keep them on the loop; do not pre-empty but instead have them eagerly waiting to see what you have to offer. Engaging with your clients online and responding to them in real time builds the trust and loyalty among your clients.

8.     Ensure your website is user-friendly

Make sure your customers can easily navigate through your website. The design elements should be well placed, use attractive pictures and attractive keywords throughout your site. Try as much as possible to make your client stay on your website for as long as they can;  this can be done when they have an easy time finding what they are looking for on the website.

9.    Attend social gatherings

Having yourself out there in the community may as well build your brand. Attend social meetings, conferences and make your brand known to your potential clients. Give them an overview of what to expect on the website and how to go about it. Having heard it directly from you or one of your own will make them eager to log in and see what you have to offer.