Understanding The Essential Options for Web Designs

Creating good websites is not so easy – many disciplines from different areas such as PHP programming, graphic design, color space knowledge, internet marketing , search engine optimization have to be mastered – if you want to be successful. If you just want to try it or get started, the following tip can be very helpful.

Here we have summarized the most important rules for good web design for you. Of course, this does not guarantee a website success, but you can read about the most important points of the often arduous and difficult process of website design here.The suitable server place for web pages is offered in the navigation menu under “Webspace”. The web design services Singapore come up with the right solutions. There you will also find a package with a simple webdesign editor and a selection of over 140 website design templates for frees use.The following tips should be considered when building your own homepage:

Do not take a cheap web host

Because a cheap price often has a reason and it takes too long, due to lack of performance, until the Internet pages open in the browser of the visitors. The reason: In cheap hosters are often too many websites of different customers on a single server space. And if you have questions, they are often not answered at all or only after tens of days, maybe even incompetently. Service costs money, and for cheap there is no quality. This is true in life as in the internet.

Do not use cliparts or Windows graphics,but only true images if possible. Clip art acts amateurish and are often copied anyway. Your visitors are seriously interested people – treat them with respect and not with cheap graphic bells and whistles!

Use small graphics.

  • Often a file size of about 40kb even for 400 x 260px large images is enough for a decent presentation. Use cleverly the JPG compression and compare different levels.
  • Optimize the page layout for computer monitors to approximately 1200×800 pixels (width by height).
  • Although 19-inch monitors with HD resolution in 16: 9 format (1980 x 1024px) have long been standard: many people still work with a smaller setting or a terminal with a different screen format. Another advantage: Even when printing, no text is cut off. If you want to print resolution, limit to 620 dots wide or program special printer styles. This width can be reproduced perfectly by normal DIN A4 printers.

Optimize the page layout for mobile devices by using a responsive design

In order for your website to be displayed correctly on a mobile device, it is necessary to use a responsive design that adapts automatically to the screen size and to the respective device. When planning your website, you may therefore need to plan 3-4 variations of your website depending on whether you use a computer monitor, a laptop or a mobile device in the form of a smartphone or tablet horizontally or vertically.