Help Desk Merchant Account & Increased Customer Engagement

In the modern digital world, it’s becoming more and more important to be able to impress customers before they leave your website. How can you keep your customers longer on your website so to avoid increasing the bounce rates and decreasing your position in the Google SERPs? This article will tell you how.

Steps to Boost Customer Engagement on Your Website   

As you know, user engagement is too important for your marketing efforts. If you want to increase the awareness of your brand, work on improving your customer engagement. Of course, you might have already read about offering rewards, incentives, and freebies; including social sharing buttons; being user-friendly, fast, and mobile-friendly; using videos; and offering easy-to-find navigation.

What else can you do?

  • Provide Personalized Service Through Live Chat

Live chat can help you gather consumer data while addressing your customers’ needs. Such data can include demographics, preferences, and interests.

  • Use Chatbots

Chatbots can engage exactly when you need it. They can help you anticipate your customer’s needs better.

  • Include User-Feedback Polls and Surveys

What’s valuable for you can prove to be less valuable for your customers. Polls and surveys can help you better understand your customers. Consider including a generic poll in the middle of your webpage or in the side. You can also use it as a polite popup.

  • Create a Quiz

Design a quiz related to your brand. Make sure to capture the visitors’ email addresses and only then show the results.

  •  Hold a Contest

Consider collecting emails as entries for a prize. Involve having others post content on social media or their own sites and link back to the contest page you’re offering.

  • Create Discussion Threads and Forums

These can help you see what your users are discussing about you. As a result, you’ll discover your weaknesses.

  • Be Consistent

All of your web pages should be consistent in design, font, and even voice. Besides, your blog posts should be consistent with one another. Create them with the same-sized images, headings, and font.

  • Link to Related Posts

Include similar posts at the end of the blog post that your visitors have just read. Don’t forget about photos with the titles.

  • Collect Email Addresses

You can do this by showing your visitors the first paragraph of a blog post, which is followed by a reminder on providing their email addresses for further reading.

  • Include Contact Information

Include your contact information. Otherwise, you won’t be considered creditworthy.

  • Modernize Your Communication Channels

Successful brands are already using game-changing technologies such as Live Chat Software, Call Center Software, Customer Service Software, Help Desk Software, etc. They can help with multiple forms of real-time communications.

Apart from boosting your customer engagement, you should also find a reputable payment processor that can help you accept credit cards affordably and securely. So, look for a true professional that can provide you with the most suitable merchant services, including a help desk merchant account, tailored to your business needs.

Engagement is a vital part of your marketing efforts. You can’t do without engaging your customers once you’ve taken the proper SEO measures and followed the right marketing campaigns to bring more people to your website.

Author Bio: Electronic payments expert Blair Thomas is the co-founder of high risk payment processing company eMerchantBroker that offers exceptional merchant services, including a help desk merchant account. He’s just as passionate about his business as he is with traveling and spending time with his dog Cooper.