Build Proper Mobile Apps In Easy Steps

While there are so many industry in this cyber area, one of the most popular industry right now is mobile app industry. It’s already crossed critical figure of billion dollars and also reach almost many people in the internet. However, before you create a mobile app, you will need to consider several things, such as the quality of your app and user experience. Therefore, today i will provide you a step by step guide on how to create a mobile app and perform App development properly.

The first step is make sure to setting the benchmark according to your new user, especially for design. You will need to create mobile app that simple enough for a new user to navigate easily. The best way to test your design is by call your friend, and make sure that your app are intuitive enough and can be use easily without hassle. You are also need to remember that mobile apps are having different operating systems. Make sure to use responsive design that capable to work on any platforms and operaing systems. Grid are the best way to make sure your app design are consistent, you also need to keep consistency in graphics, fonts, and icons to create professional looks.

The next step is do some research on market and create storyboard for your mobile app. This way, you will be able to plan your mobile apps and ensure that you know what kind of mobile app your customer need. Dont forget to regiser your mobile app to ensure that your application are legal.

The next step is start to buid your own app. You can use app builder service or you can search app builder online. There are many sites that offer building services complete with service and interface. Then, you can publish your game through itunes or google play app nd wait to create buzz for your app. Check App developers uk  for more information.

Create Play Store Application through this example

googles app is application that will optimized your smart phone camera and integrate your camera with google. While you taking picture from your smartphone, google googles app will active in the background and analyze your picture. If in your picture google founds clue, object, word, or even picture that google recognized, google googles app will notify you. Google googles app will connect your picture and look for anything connected to your picture.

Googles app have many features on it. Google googles app can recognize famous landmark if you take the landmark picture. For example, if you take shot of Eiffel Tower with your smartphone, the google googles will notify you and shows you the information related to eiffel tower. Then, you can scan barcodes, QR codes, and even business cards. To making google googles app more powerful, google has added translator in yours google googles app. If you taking picture of foreign text, google googles app will automatically translate it for you. This feature will really helpful if you are someone who like to travel.

Googles app also able to recognized art, book, music cd and event flyers. Almost any 2d image in the world can recognized by Google Googles app. This feature will help you to understand everything about art, or even give you clue about when concert will be held and how to buy the tickets. googles app also can solve sudoku for you!

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