Tips for Writing Quality Articles that Google Likes

Quality articles are articles that give a positive impact or benefit to their readers, having a certain value for their readers. Many people make articles but don’t know how to make quality articles for their blogs or websites. What should you consider writing quality articles? In fact, not only liked by your readers, Google also likes it. If your article is liked by Google, then your article can have a high chance to appear on the first page, for example if you want to make an article about the website you can insert keywords such as: Gold Coast Design Website, how to create a website, etc. Google also really likes quality articles to be placed on search engines. Below are a few tips for creating quality articles that readers and google like.

Learn the Character of Your Readers

If your goal is to create articles to read and share with others, you need to determine the topics your readers need. You can know what they want by means, you participate in forums or social media to see what they often ask others and this is your chance to choose the topic of discussion.

Use Interesting Titles and Curious Making

Of the 100 people who came to your site / blog, there were at least 80 people who would read the title of the article, but only 20 people would read the contents of the article. If this is not imagined, you will lose enormous potential. Make the title of your article as attractive as possible to tempt potential visitors to read your article.

Writing Articles in Over 300 Words

One important consideration of a blog seems to be that the quality is based on the length of the article you are writing, articles that are too short will not provide good SEO sometimes will only be considered spam by search engines, but you should not overuse excessive keywords for articles what you make, use 3% of sufficient keywords.

Do other SEO optimizations on Articles

All actors realize that SEO, SEO and off page optimization on their blogs affect the ranking of search engines. And we also believe that it’s hard to get a good ranking on search engines (especially Google), unless you have the best technique for building SEO and turning off pages on your pages. Article. You can by adding LSI or long keywords.

Some of the methods above can be used to create quality articles, but what you have to remember is one of the most important things is “the authenticity of article content or content originality” This original article is very important as a determinant of the quality of our article content in the eyes of readers and search engines. Hopefully it can help you in making quality articles.