Month: December 2018

Help Desk Merchant Account & Increased Customer Engagement

In the modern digital world, it’s becoming more and more important to be able to impress customers before they leave your website. How can you keep your customers longer on your website so to avoid increasing the bounce rates and decreasing your position in the Google SERPs? This article will tell you how.

Steps to Boost Customer Engagement on Your Website   

As you know, user engagement is too important for your marketing efforts. If you want to increase the awareness of your brand, work on improving your customer engagement. Of course, you might have already read about offering rewards, incentives, and freebies; including social sharing buttons; being user-friendly, fast, and mobile-friendly; using videos; and offering easy-to-find navigation.

What else can you do?

  • Provide Personalized Service Through Live Chat

Live chat can help you gather consumer data while addressing your customers’ needs. Such data can include demographics, preferences, and interests.

  • Use Chatbots

Chatbots can engage exactly when you need it. They can help you anticipate your customer’s needs better.

  • Include User-Feedback Polls and Surveys

What’s valuable for you can prove to be less valuable for your customers. Polls and surveys can help you better understand your customers. Consider including a generic poll in the middle of your webpage or in the side. You can also use it as a polite popup.

  • Create a Quiz

Design a quiz related to your brand. Make sure to capture the visitors’ email addresses and only then show the results.

  •  Hold a Contest

Consider collecting emails as entries for a prize. Involve having others post content on social media or their own sites and link back to the contest page you’re offering.

  • Create Discussion Threads and Forums

These can help you see what your users are discussing about you. As a result, you’ll discover your … Read the rest

Best practices and trends to follow for a successful e-commerce website

According to statistics, e-commerce is mounting at a fast pace every year and shows an increase of nearly 20% annually. So, it is quite clear that e-commerce is one of the most profitable businesses and therefore the retailers should ensure that their e-commerce website is working efficiently. Professional services of e-commerce web design Dubai should, therefore, be considered so that the e-commerce sales continue to rise steadily. These professionals will ensure that your e-commerce website follows the latest trends serving the e-commerce industry. Here are a few of the latest trends and practices that should be followed.

E-commerce keyword research

A thorough keyword research is necessary for running an efficient e-commerce marketing campaign.  This will help you in knowing your customers even better. Starting with a list of targeted keywords, you can initiate to reach your potential customers. Once you get accurate and relevant keywords for your e-commerce business, your website traffic will increase, and you will also be able to learn more about your consumers more than the competition

User Experience (UX)

The user experience of your e-commerce website should be tailor-made according to the requirements of your customers. Therefore, it is essential to remain updated with the new techniques used to manifest a better UX in the website design. UGC or user-generated content, where the consumer is encouraged to write a review of your brand, is of a great value for both you and your visitors. The user experience is being considered by Google and other search engines and is used for increasing the conversion rate of your business.

Stay relevant and stay stocked throughout the year

When you will stay relevant to the seasons and cultural fads, your e-commerce website will get more visitors. Having limited period sales and promotions will help you to keep up with … Read the rest

What is the best way to create website for a new start-up


For companies, owning a website has become a determining factor for success. Actually no matter the business is, the company needs to create a digital presence by owning website for promoting its business. Through web design techniques, the company aims to conquer more markets, have more clients and achieve more success versus competitors. This strategy has never been limited to big industries and big companies; in fact, start-ups have a lot to profit from web design techniques. But as Start-up, it is common to proceed differently to match the particular definition of this kind of industry.

Defining the Start-up companies:

The concept of Start-up is commonly defined as a company that offers services or products that are not offered elsewhere or at limited ranges. The company should be new and recently founded. Usually it operates at small scales because it is a small business. Start-ups face a new emergent dilemma related to their financial schemes:

  • They invest more than they profit especially in matter of marketing and promotional process.
  • They lack of visibility if they do not invest enough to promote the business and therefore they achieve less.

This situation implicates that start ups have to opt for owning website and benefit from the several advantages that offer the web design technologies.

Best ways to create a new start-up’s website:

There are three alternatives for creating website for start-ups. First option is to create the website by your own; the second is hand the task to a web design agency.

  • Handing it to a web design agency: this option requires that you pick the right agency. This is generally the most preferred option that start-up owners pick, yet it is the most expensive one. Actually there are plenty of them. You will need to know some tricks
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