Day: September 11, 2018

Getting to Know the Anatomy of An Awesome Website Homepage

Nike. McDonald’s. Mercedes Benz.

When you read those brand names, one of the first things that you thought of are their logos right? A logo is the simplest element involved in branding but it can have the greatest impact in retention. But because of its simple nature, a lot of entrepreneurs undervalue the power a logo has. From the moment it is made, designers have already spent countless hours trying to encapsulate what your business identity is in a memorable logo. And once it has been approved for release, there is no assurance that the logo may even work. That is why there are companies that still go through rebranding even if they have already existed for years now.

Indeed, logos are valuable because these are what helps consumers connect your quality products or services to your brand. It requires careful thought and consideration because it’s more than just choosing the colours and fonts that you will use. It must communicate your brand story, tell the right message — in essence, those colours and fonts must be relevant to your brand first before they become important reminders to your consumers.

Let us explore the characteristics of a good logo design and how you can use these attributes to represent your brand’s vibe.

Do extensive research on the foundation of your business and your market

The key to creating a logo that speaks for your brand is not to let current trends influence it. It should not be created based on which colours or style are popular, it must come from the “why” of your business. This involves a deep level of reflection on your part: what is your mission, what kind of vibe do you want consumers to feel when they look at your logo?

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